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Legends of Boka - Tre Sorelle

Is there anything more magnificent, more astonishing, more fulfilling then a feeling of love? Feeling so complicated, so hard to define, almost impossible to understand… So many ideas and beliefs and so little time and space to determine what Her majesty Love, really is…

It seems that most beautiful stories, most sensible verses, best movies ever, the greatest piece pieces of art, literature and music share fascination, devotion and respect for queen of the feelings – love. Love is frequently something secret, something we hide, suppress,  suffer for and sacrifice for it. Sacrifice is also a starting point for one of the most famous legends of  Boka, legend that was passed on from generation to generation in an attempt to save it from falling into oblivion. And good people of Boka succeeded in their intentions. 

Up until the moment someone without any respect, taste or knowledge and obviously huge amounts of money bought Tre Sorelle palace in Prčanj and sealed off two windows on the palace to make light for itself and eternal darkness for all people living in Boka region. Someone who desecrated one of the most touching love stories… Well, we don’t want to waste paper writing about someone who does not deserve it… After all, it’s all about love…

Acording to the legend, three sisters, Fiomena, Graciana and Rina, lived in a palace. Sisters were far-known for their beauty, honesty and nobleness. All sisters gave their hearts to the same man – young sea captain Jerko Novanjanin. But, young captain was unable to decide which sister he’s going to marry, so he decided to set the sails of his old ship to the open seas hoping he’ll find enlightment there. Sisters waited him patiently, each on the window of her room, watching ships entering the harbor, hoping Jerko will be on one of them. They made a deal, each time one of the sister dies her windows are going to sealed so young captain can choose amongst the living.  After a while, Fiomenas and Gracianas windows were sealed. When Rina died, there was no one to seal her window, and even today some say she’s waiting for her captain… A song inspired by this story, Tre Storelle says:

“…and the third window still listens,
murmur of the distant oceans…”

Now, all three windows stand open. Sisters are long gone from the palace… Someone without soul, without dignity, without respect has moved in the beautiful palace, and – took its eternity away.